Friday, January 16, 2009


Today I watched the movie, GRAN TORiNO, directed by Clint Eastwood. And he also acted in it. It is said that is his last work. It's a nice movie work.

It refers to our country and Chinese Culture. Exactly, it refers to the difference between the culture of two countries, China and America.

I appreciate and love the most of American Culture, especially egalitarian and respect. But it was partly misleaded by politics. The goverment makes the citizens misunderstood of the People's Republic of China and the CPC. Of course, in China, on the way, there were some conflicts that the citizens suffered. And critiques are necessary. But that it says CPC murdered the minority makes me astonished and uncomfortable. Because it is not ture, but false.

Except this, it is a perfect work. Actually it is a perfect work, if the situation in the USA is what appears in the movie.

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